Name:  Stephen jon Clements

             aka:  Bill’s little brother and later - Steviebigfish

Born:  1948 - Richmond, CA

Escaped:  1966

Education:  Cal State University - Chico

1968:  First piece of blown glass - a 5 pound blob with a hole in it....aka: a vase.

1968 - 2013:  Glass Artist / Sculptor  ( with short stints as a Union Pacific Railroad

                       switchman/brakeman, commercial salmon fisherman and an 

                       exceptional Lake Tahoe taxi driver.

The rest of the story.....

Having exhausted all available resources in the State of California, I hit the road....and ran out of gas in Tucson, Arizona.

Built studio, made glass, made son.  Made much more glass, met Leah, had an affair with Leah, married Leah, made glass with Leah and am doing so today.

When not making glass I can be found on the Rogue River with a fly rod in my hand.

Steve fish 2.JPG

*boring standard resume' available, if you really want it...just contact me and I'll email it to you.