About the "Conversations" series....

Currently we are thinking about “Conversations” and attempting to freeze a moment. What leads up to that moment and then follows it, is open to interpretation. It is very interesting to capture gestures that inspire stories created by each individual viewer. Each person brings their experiences to the story and will invent the narrative.

In creating environments for the figures to have their conversations, the challenge is to suggest a place that becomes a component in the story, without assigning too much information. We love to evoke the essence of architecture or abstract their furniture in an interesting and slightly off kilter manner, lending a little bit more spice to the story.

Our collaboration brings out the best in both of us. Steve brings an architectural edge and talent for seeing form to the drawing table, where Leah brings an eye for the figure and talent for a more organic approach to sculpting. Working through concepts, drawing, figuring out construction, answering problems and using our individual talents for materials and sculpting adds richness and depth to our process. We have the same goal and come at it from different experiences and points of view that blend to achieve the expression of our collective ideas. 

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